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Question:. 1 #rq-21
Name the Act under which registration is mandatory for receiving donations from foreign
Question:. 2 #rq-22
Who monitors Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act
Question:. 3 #rq-23
Before Indian Initiative, how many countries have tried Social Stock Exchange concept
Question:. 4 #rq-24
Out of seven countries who have tried, In how many countries the SSE concept is no longer active?
Question:. 5 #rq-25
ZCZP Instrument holder have been given voting rights
Question:. 6 #rq-26
Global Impact Rating System (GIIRS) is in already in place
Question:. 7 #rq-27
Singapore Social Stock Exchange is named as
Question:. 8 #rq-28
Globally active SSEs are
Question:. 9 #rq-29
Globally Inactive SSEs are
Question:. 10 #rq-30
Presently, Johannesberg Social Exhange is